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    In today’s article we are going to present you exercise that is perfect for reducing the fact accumulated in the belly area and developing your iron belly. In just 3 weeks with a clever technique that is used in yoga actively you can reduce your abdomen. This exercise is called “iron” and will help you […]
    Over the years, scientists have established several ways we judge people based on their looks and they have done it despite any correlation to reality. “We form these immediate impressions of people — we just can’t help it,” Alexander Todorov, a psychology professor at Princeton University, told Business Insider. Todorov conducted lab test which responded […]
    Creatine is a supplement with remarkable abilities to boost performance, improve body composition and increase strength levels in both trained athletes and bodybuilding novices. Scientific research has proven in multiple occasions that creatine supplementation can help you build muscle and strength, increase bone mineral density, reduce oxidative stress and even improve brain performance. And that’s […]
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