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    Open your mouth and look at your tongue. That may sound strange, but your tongue can tell a lot about your health. For example, a black and hairy looking tongue can signal poor oral hygiene, or diabetes. If your tongue is bright red like a strawberry, it could signal a deficiency in folic acid, vitamin […]
    According to the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2011 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures, around 5.4 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. These figures are expected to rise to 16 million by 2050, and in the next two decades, Alzheimer’s will affect one in four Americans, becoming as prevalent as diabetes and obesity. The treatments of this […]
    Burping, hiccups, and farting are bodily functions which make people laugh, get embarrassed, and even annoyed, farting in sleep is most common. The crown jewel on these is farting. How much do you know about farts besides the fact that they sound and smell funny, and come out from the bum. These are some things […]
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